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Our strong reputation has thus far been built upon word of mouth across the industry, attesting to the high-quality work we provide for our clients. At Cortese Construction, no project is ever too small, and we are here to support you all the way. Our large established network with many contacts across the market has helped us to achieve unparalleled results.



Nature and Architecture are two things that have always fascinated me. Having been born over in the USA and then spending my later years growing up in Italy, it's fair to say I’ve been exposed to a range of different cultures during my upbringing.

When I moved to Florence (Firenze) to study architecture, I absolutely fell in love with all my surroundings: the roaring countryside of Tuscany, the colourful courtyards with beautiful interiors, and the prevalent ‘Da-Vinci’ influences throughout the city. 

When I met Sharmaine, I moved to London, and together we built a family alongside Cortese Construction. Moving to London gave me a very different exposure to architecture. I was struck by the fluid array of historical and modern building styles coming together to form the heart of London.

Prior to starting my own company, I worked for HOK International for 12 years. During this time, I had the invaluable opportunity to work alongside some of the greatest individuals across the industry, and led in a variety of impressive projects. When I take on a project, it becomes very personal to me, and I am 100% hands on from start to finish.

I understand that for most of my clientele, construction is a new area for them, therefore I am always available for any questions they may have, and I always make time to explain every process. I understand that for most of my clientele, construction is a relatively new area to them. For this reason, I always keep myself available to a customer at all times, to simplify the entire process and answer any questions for their convenience.


It is true to say creativity in any form is my passion. As a child I was brought up around my artist parent’s studio and my everyday was filled with new creations and colour. Some of my earliest memories are holding a paint brush with my father and trying to mix colours. I remember spending hours looking through magazines and reorganising the furniture and moving plants around in my parents’ home. 

My very own first attempt at interior design was creating shelves out of recycled copper pipes in my first property that the previous owners didn’t renovate for decades. 

In my very early twenties, I took fashion designing as a career path and was fortunate to have many amazing opportunities and achievements. Like many others, I took a career break to spend time with my family and the next thing I knew, I was designing houses for myself and my friends. I love spending time in the home I have created for my family. Being a mother to two sons has required me to understand their day-to-day needs and the importance of practicality, which has inspired me to create household spaces which are stylish, yet efficient at the same time.

When asked what my personal artistic approach is, I would say it’s a dynamic combination of Modern Contemporary, Old Glamour, and an East meets West style. I love combining clean lines with a variety of elegant colours, to truly produce a masterful piece of art. 

The home is the heart for every individual, and I have a strong sense for how important understanding my clients’ needs are to designing their perfect dream home.