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What does design and build involve? Do we need to hire an architect?

No, you don’t! We have our own in-house architects. We will complete the whole structural design for you, and once you’ve approved the design, we’ll then submit CAD drawings to the local council for approval. This could be for planning permission or permitted development, depending on your project’s requirement. In the meantime, we would start the interior design process that will move hand in hand with the architectural design development.

Do you do planning applications?

Yes, we do. We not only submit the applications and the drawings on behalf of you, but we also liaise with the planning officers until a final decision is granted, you will be kept up to date all throughout the way.

Do you provide a scope of work?

Yes we do!! The scope of work might be the most important part of a construction agreement – even more important than the price (in our opinion). Without a defined scope of work, there’s no way to know what work must be done. It is vital to establish the scope when contracting to show what tasks must be done, and who’s responsible for those tasks.

What will my cost be?

It is difficult to provide a cost prediction without seeing your drawings or design ideas. When it comes to a renovation, there are a lot of factors that can contribute towards the final cost. In order to not give you a false idea, we always like to see the final drawings before we can advise you on your potential costs.

Your costs can be broken down into 4 stages:

  • Design and approval stage
  • 1st fix stage – This is the basic construction of the shell, that will include: foundations, electrical wiring, plumbing, brick work, roof etc.
  • 2nd fix stage – This is the decoration part that will include: fittings such as kitchen cupboards, tiles, flooring, paint etc. To give you an idea on how this stage would look like, imagine you are moving into a new property without any furniture.
  • Furniture and finishers – This stage can include furniture, decorative lighting, curtains, pictures on the walls, all the way down to the smallest decorative item.

Will the cost go up or down?

It depends. However, to give you peace of mind, this is why we provide a scope of work, so you know what you are getting for with the price you pay. Quite often we have clients that approach us with horror stories relating to their friends, who had hoped to spend a certain amount on their own project, and then saw that their overall cost just kept adding and adding. We always advise our clients to have an agreed scope of work and a price before you start.

There are always extras that a client can request this can change the final cost. It is always a good idea to make decisions early on, as it will make your life and your contractor’s work that much easier.

It’s recommended to always keep an extra 15% of the overall cost as contingency in case you have any later changes or extras that would affect your costs.

Do you do all the building work?

Yes, we have everything under one umbrella. We are literally a one-stop-shop for your dream home.

Do you provide final certifications?

We will provide all your certificates for Gas, Electricity, alarm system etc.

Do you do small design consultations (such as choosing paint or wallpaper)?

Yes, we do! You can book a 2hr consultation slot where we come around to see your project and advise you.

Can you do just a bathroom?

Absolutely!!! As we always say, no project is ever too small for us. We have dedicated small teams that are trained all-round to carry out all small projects. No matter how small the project, we will always visit the site and be hands-on for any queries you may have.

How long will the design process take?

Architectural design – Approximately 4 weeks before final drawings are issued for approval to the local council. The local councils usually take roughly about 8 weeks to give a decision. Interior design – Approximately takes 4-8 weeks depending on the scope of work needed. Keep in mind this can be less or more, depending on the scale of the project. We work on a first come, first served basis. If we have the capacity, we will aim to start on your project straight away. The best way is to contact us as early as possible to avoid any delays.

What is Turnkey?

A turnkey home is a fully furnished home that is ready to move in. The turnkey contractor is responsible for the entire project and all responsibilities pertaining to it. One can consider turnkey construction as a one-stop solution, where the contractor handles everything from communication, planning, and finally to execution, making sure your project is finished on time and within budget.

This is the perfect solution if you want a hassle-free construction experience, as it allows you to get what you want built while you are concentrating on your own day-to-day life.


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